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CLP Template Word and PDF

The above linked survey template is being presented as an option for use. Maintaining consistent language and interaction with parents to best determine levels of support and choice in the home setting is critical.  Coop leadership noticed a need for a common tool to support the efforts of many thorough and eager staff connecting with families in quick order.  


The above linked survey templateis a .pdf version of the Google form survey.  If you wish to use the actual Google Form you may access it in the shared SCAESIC #618 Continuous Learning Resources à Related Service Resources folder.  You must “COPY” the Survey to YOUR DRIVE for individual use.  (RIGHT CLICK file, choose “COPY”, pick YOUR DRIVE, and confirm).


Considering the guidance each of your districts has provided for parent/home contact, please make sure that related service providers are conferring with home room teacher (primary instructional provider) as to best manner to present the survey.  (Example: one point of contact for parents, funnel information through 1 or 2 people). We must avoid parents being overwhelmed from several staff at one time.


Please consider the timing of information going out, as this survey, if used, does not have to be done day 1.