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Information about ESY 2021 Request to Work & Calendar

Hello Everyone,

It is time to begin collecting requests from Classified staff interested in working during the 2021 Extended School Year.  There are two sessions but that is only because of the transition from SCAESIC #618 to the three different Cooperatives.  Staff are still committing to working the full ESY.  


The Request to Work ESY 2021 is attached to this email as well as the proposed ESY 2021 Calendar.  It does not matter if anyone has emailed me previously, PLEASE BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE DOCUMENT and return.  


Information can also be found on the Coop's website (  Middle right hand side is the Quick Links section.  Find ESY Documents link.  You will have to put in the super secret user name and password everyone has to use to gain access to the Coop website (hint: wge....). Ask a coworker if you need help and not Aundrea please.


NO photographs of the Request to Work will be accepted.  There will be a running list under the Paraeducator tab on the website ( so anyone can check to see the request has been received and what date it was received.


From the 20/21 Classified Employee Handbook:

The reason for ESY services is to ensure the provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) so that students can make continued progress toward the goals specified on their IEP and to prevent regression (beyond what would be expected), which would impede such progress. 
  • Student assignment to ESY is determined by their IEP team on a yearly basis with days and duration individually determined. 
  • Paraeducator staffing numbers for ESY are determined solely on the needs of students attending. This means positions could be added after the original notification date if student numbers or needs increase. 
  • The Para Facilitator will send a document to all staff in the spring with a concrete return by date, as well as a tentative notification date. 
  • Staff invited to work ESY are expected to have exceptional attendance, the ability to be flexible and work where needed, as well as the skills necessary to support students in their learning environment. 
  • All paperwork is expected to be completed by ESY staff including signing and returning any required documentation such as time sheets, Time & Effort documents, daily documentation, or anything else required by a student IEP document or required by the Interlocal.


This spring is bittersweet considering the dissolution on 6-30-2021.  We'll be organizing the very last ESY for SCAESIC # 618 (Session A) and the very first ESY involving the three different Cooperatives (Session B) so if there are questions, it's possible we may not have answers yet or will be sharing more information the closer to ESY it comes.